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Becoming Wholly His



starAn inspirational writer, teacher, and speaker, Shauna Wallace burns with passion to see women experience the fullness of God's grace, faithfulness, peace, joy, protection, and provision by becoming wholly His. Continue reading…

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Believers & Politics – The Key to Living Unafraid

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014 in Blog, on authority, on culture & politics, on living without compromise, on social change | 0 comments

I am so glad you decided to download this free, sharable ePamphlet: Believer’s & Politics: The Key to Living Unafraid. We as Christians need to know what scripture has to say about our civic duty. Tweet this!  As the November...continue reading

We’re on Earth for an Angelic Audience

Posted by on Sep 18, 2014 in Blog, on suffering | 0 comments

Today we learn why we can’t just do heaven! The reason we have to do this earth thing, as my daughter calls it, with its pain, loss, and suffering. The answer lies in who’s watching.

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We’re on Earth Because God Needs Us Here

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Blog, on "why?", on believing God, on suffering | 0 comments

It’s the 13th anniversary of 9/11, and things are crazy in our world! Do you ever wonder why God created humans when He knew the evil we’d embrace and the tragedies sin would produce? The reason can be found in the story of creation, the building of a family, and the glory God wants to bring Himself as we manifest Jesus here on earth. And because of who’s watching it all.

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Will You #pray&takethiscup Challenge?

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Blog, on obedience, on suffering | 1 comment

Will you accept the challenge to #pray&takethiscup? For 30 days, pray at least once a day for persecuted Christians everywhere, and then take the cup of suffering by giving up a small pleasure for a measured period of time, and take that money, time, and/or talent, and put it toward helping send relief to persecuted Christians. Then, issue the challenge to others. Here’s how!

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30 Ways to Pray Scripture Once a Day for Persecuted Christians

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Blog, on obedience, on suffering | 0 comments

Have you accepted the #pray&takethiscupchallenge? Here are 30 one-sentence scriptural prayers for persecuted Christians. Pray one each day for 30 days. Each one is 140 characters or less, including hashtags, so you can share them on social media to raise awareness and engage others to pray with us!

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Why Does God Have Us Do Earth, Anyway?

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Blog, on believing God, on death and loss, on suffering | 4 comments

“Why did God even create man?” my daughter asked me yesterday. It reminded me of a similar question her older sister posed several years ago when a 19-year-old friend died in a car accident: “Why do we have to do this earth thing anyways, Mama?” She wasn’t wrestling with why it happened. Rather, she reasoned, if God knows who is going to heaven anyway (see Ephesians 1:4-6), why even make us come to earth where there is pain, suffering, and death?

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