Author: Shauna Wallace

When God Says “Wait,” What Do We DOOOO?

I’m sitting by the fire this rare wintry day thinking about hunkering down in a storm. The Lord spoke those words to me toward the end of last year as I cried out to Him for help with fear about an impossible situation. There was (and is) nothing I could do, so I didn’t know what to do. Have you ever been there? Desperate for God because you are face-to-face with the reality of how little control you really have? The Lord answered me that day: “Hunker down.” What exactly does that mean, Lord? His answer came over weeks...

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A Useful Broken Heart

Why do we need to be broken over our sin? God wants us to rend our hearts and not just tear our garments in some form of outward behavior modification while we retain what we want of our heart because we think it serves us better. He wants a broken and contrite heart. Because a broken heart beats inside a broken vessel, and only broken vessels are useful in the Potter’s hand: His light shining and living water pouring forth from the very cracks of our weakness in order to expose His strength. What is it going to take?

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What If Harvey Spared You?

Survivor’s guilt. I’m feeling it. My neighbors are feeling it. How can we be untouched when so many lost everything? I am living with a messy mix of thankfulness and heartbreak. As others lived through a raging nightmare, we had a stay-cation…rest, family time, catching up on house projects. We were stuck. There was nothing to do but watch and pray. Until yesterday. I finally had something I could do! As I threw on a cap and water-friendly shoes, filled up a water bottle and grabbed my morning smoothie, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart: Fuel...

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A Sweet Spot for the Soul

Do you ever feel like your soul is in a state of unrest? Something in you or around you is stealing your peace and you are distracted in your heart and head? Past regret, present hurt, doubt and discouragement, and future concern can steal our present moments. Heartstrings tethered to the cares of the world can steal our joy. But a soul that’s present in the presence of the Lord and anchored in Christ is an anchored soul, and we can go to a sweet spot in Him anytime, anywhere. Our souls can be at rest even when everything around us is in chaos. Do you want to go there?

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