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Walking The Talk: Why Behave Like A Christian Anyway?

It’s not always easy to walk the Christian talk. With all scripture has to say about our heart attitudes, mindsets, faith and obedience, is it really even possible? No doubt, it’s much easier to talk about than do! We need to learn, but we also need to do! Discover the peace and power of genuine Christian living one step at a time, not as a way to earn salvation or God’s favor, but as a means to experience the fullness of all God has for you as His child. Walking the Talk: Why Behave Like a Christian Anyway? is the story of how failure led to my brand new soon-to-be-available group and individual hybrid Bible study called 30 Days to Walk the Talk: Discovering Peace & Power Through Genuine Christian Living One STEP at a Time. Please ask me about kicking off your small group study!


Ever wonder how to break the influence of culture on how we see ourselves? Do you or the girls or women in your group struggle with letting the mirror define who you are? Your value? Your lovability? At the Mercy of the Mirror is my transparent testimony and a profound look at self-image, insecurity, self-hatred, eating disorders, and God’s deliverance from it all when we become willing to let God’s word define us! Complete with a powerful object lesson, this teaching will not only inform you, it will also begin a process of inviting the Holy Spirit to begin to transform you through God’s truth about you.


What do we do when we just can’t seem to break free of what’s troubling us? When our intentions are great, but so are our failures? When God’s promises and blessings seem to be true for everyone but you? When idols take up residence in our hearts, they distract us from what God has for us. How do we get rid of affections that keep us from being filled with the fullness of God? Altar Our Hearts goes beyond teaching to doing so that we can put the idols that torment us on the altar of our lives and walk in the freedom Jesus already secured for us on the cross! Includes an object lesson and take-away for each participant.


What’s up with the woman described in Proverbs 31? (Other than the fact that she had household staff to help her get it all done?!?!) Is she real, or is she an ideal? Is becoming the perfect Proverbs 31 woman the goal? Lord help me, I hope not! But we can all find help and hope in 12 Targets of a Proverbs 31 Woman.


Why is gossip a sin? And why make a big deal about it? Tight lips are garment of grace covering others in need of love, trust and friendship. That includes our need for the same! What if we had the confidence that others would be that garment of grace over us? When the temptation to tell hits, how do we become a “faithful spirit (who) conceals a matter” (Proverbs 11:13)? Through 10 Tips to Tight Lips, you’ll learn biblical, practical and memorable ways to rein in loose lips and become a constant confidante.


Insecurity can assault the best of us and leave our heads and hearts feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. What do we do when we feel like everyone has it all together and we don’t? When the perfection we imagine in others only serves to magnify our imperfection? Just Jesus: The Key to Living Insecurity Free is a transparent talk on scripture’s answer to our insecurity by exploring what Paul means when he talks about not knowing anything but Jesus and Him crucified. What can happen when we live with our hearts and minds set on Jesus and Him alone?

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