Perfection. Impossible for us; inherent in the Lord. In His ways. In the principles and laws by which doing one thing results in another. Marriage is one of those things He set up to work a certain way – the man is head of the wife, accountable to the Lord and responsible to love her as Christ loves the church: whole-heartedly and sacrificially. The wife is to respect and submit to her husband, finding a perfect covering in him. When both do as God sets forth, it truly is a beautiful thing.
James has the most uncanny ability to know what’s going on with me before I do and to know the answer I need before I even ask the question. Floundering a bit to find my bearings in my summer schedule (yes, still!) and feeling a bit overwhelmed, I attempted last week to explain what I was feeling to James. After listening for a bit, he very tenderly responded: “Maybe you should pray about cutting back to once a week for your blog.” Followed by, “I think once a week is all you can expect people to read, anyways.”
“Wouldn’t that be failure? Admitting defeat that I couldn’t keep up with my self-imposed blogging schedule???” I thought momentarily. Then the Lord confirmed with peace: this was wisdom from above delivered by the lips of the man I love. The man whose help I need to keep balance in my life. The man who sees the train wreck of over-commitment coming way before I do. He has no problem saying “no” when obligations begin to pile up, regardless of the worthiness of the activity. I am so thankful when he says “no” for me!
Knowing the godliness of his counsel, I gladly submit to his wisdom. I know the limits of my ability to think reasonably for myself and will honor his suggestion.
I will now post once a week on Thursdays, starting with part two of my story this Thursday, July 12.
I pray we all experience the benefits of doing things God’s way as we become more wholly His today.
Shauna Wallace
Holy His