I am so glad you decided to download this free, sharable ePamphlet: Believer’s & Politics: The Key to Living Unafraid. We as Christians need to know what scripture has to say about our civic duty. Tweet this!  As the November elections fast approach, I pray this downloadable, sharable ePamphlet makes it into the hands of as many Christians as possible. I pray you hear the Lord, and not me, and that the Spirit leads and guides you into all truth as we consider:

      1. The Right Opinion
      2. The One Who Really Rules
      3. The Counterfeit Savior
      4. Three Foundational Truths
      5. The Key to Living Unafraid
      6. The Godly Can’t Rule if the Godly Do Nothing Tweet this!

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Now is not the time to throw our hands up and declare politics repulsive, irrelevant, or a waste of time. Rise up, church! Speak up! Be the light Jesus put us here to be in standing for truth, speaking up for it, and living it every day.

May the Lord bless you and make His face to shine upon you as you become more wholly His today!