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The Unforgettable Beauty of Brokenness

Last week, I returned to the place of an unforgettable moment that took place two years ago at She Speaks, a conference for writers and speakers. The moment was a message from God: I can't take you farther until I take you deeper. So I came home and got in the dark room with God. Then, as a broken, desperately thankful, redeemed woman, I returned to She Speaks this year. Much of the beauty the Lord revealed to me at this year's conference is the result of ugly truth the Lord exposed in me. May it somehow be used for His glory and your benefit.

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When the Pleasure of Freedom Is Worth the Pain of Breaking Free

Like my puppy JJ charging through his electric fence to freedom, I'm learning that the pleasure of living free in Christ is worth the pain of breaking free of bondage! In the same way I tend to push the boundaries before I learn painful lessons, I also desperately desire freedom in Christ and a life of power in the Holy Spirit, and I’m willing to go through just about anything to get it!

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