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A Fool-Proof Life Litmus Test

We will never escape our flesh, the devil, or the pressures of this world to conform to its ways. Satan knows what’s at stake when God’s people live holy, set-apart lives: His faithfulness to His promises are on full display, and the gospel is preached from the platform of their lives. It’s exactly what God wants, and the very thing the devil schemes to destroy. Holy living matters, and the Bible tells us how. When it doesn’t specify a do or don’t, hold up whatever is in question to these scriptures and see if the Lord doesn’t make His answer perfectly clear. Check out this Fool-Proof Life Litmus Test.

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Beware the Lingering Loiterer

There it sits on my bathroom counter, a pink sticky note with two words scribbled in pencil: No lingering. It’s been there several weeks like a “No Loitering” sign that warns against aimlessly lurking with nothing to do but find trouble, heading off problems before they stir. That’s what my sticky note is doing for me: coaching me along, keeping me accountable. It’s there because I was spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, dissatisfied. From full-length to magnified and lit up close, I was studying myself; the more I did, the more I found to criticize.

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