Guest Blog: The Laundry Moms

Please join me Sunday, February 10, at The Laundry Moms where I’ll be a guest blogger on marriage and you’ll receive a free gift! This amazing blog features wisdom, ideas, and heartwarming stories from moms who have 38+ kids and 100 years of marriage between them. As they say, "We figured we had some experiences we could share from this journey of life that would be an encouragement, and make your road a bit easier or at least help you to laugh out loud at the mistakes we have made along the way! We will share our ups and downs and give away lots of free gifts to brighten your day and hopefully help you realize that we can do this motherhood thing together!" Click on over and check it out!

May the Lord bless you and make His face to shine upon you as you become more wholly His in all things today.

Shauna Wallace
Holy His