When You Want to Be Jesus-Sets-You-Free Free!

Help. That word wasn’t really in my vocabulary for the longest time. I didn’t like anyone to know I needed help. I guess I saw it as a weakness. Now I know that’s just pride.When faced with something I had no idea how to tackle, I had no choice. I wanted to be free – really free, not just temporarily free or the free that comes from self-effort. I wanted to be Jesus-sets-you-free free.I’d done everything I knew to set myself free from some thought processes that were fueling life-dominating sins in my life, but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t do enough, even when that meant reading the Bible more or praying more or more church or more Bible studies. That was all good, but it wasn’t setting me free.I needed help.And the Lord sent me Doris, a mentor who has walked with me into some very dark places to find truth and healing. Places where the light of Christ needed to expel darkness and lies. Places where Jesus already died to heal but I needed to learn to walk away from them in His freedom.Today I know help is not a word of weakness. It is a word of dependence. A word of trust. A word that connects us to Jesus and to others – others who have gone before us, others who are coming behind us, others who are in the trenches with us right now.It says, “I need you.” It says, “We need each other.”Not in an unhealthy co-dependence but in a sweet life of living in dependence on Jesus and His love that flows through us to each other.Please. Do help.Join Five Minute Friday for even more encouragement on the word help!