Lose the Weight!

As women, we give so much weight to our weight! Many of us remain in a perpetual pursuit of the book or method that delivers the magical mix of eating and exercise for attaining that perfect number on the scale. I am one who has done so for a lifetime.Until recently.I don’t remember the exact day or what I was doing, but I do remember battling the all-too-familiar feeling of being fat. Heavy.Again.It’s an again that’s followed me since high school. I’m in my late forties, so we’re talking decades. My answer in my teens and early twenties was bulimia – eat and get rid of it at any cost. When it became clear it could cost me my life, I gave up the physical binging and purging just as secretly as I’d indulged in it, but the thought processes that fueled the behavior remained.I felt hopeless and…(read the entire article at The Laundry Moms, where we're sorting out life one load at a time!)