Teenager, You Think You're Missing Out, and You Are...

A letter to my child:

You think you're missing out, but you're not. Everything will always looks greener on the other side of the fence, and as long as you're looking for happiness and satisfaction outside of yourself, there will always be another side of the fence. 

Someone will always be happier or sadder. Someone will always have more friends or less. Someone will always have a better or worse life. 

What makes you feel like you're missing out? While you think you are, you're not, but then again, you are. You're missing out on what's right in front of you. You're missing out on the blessings you already have. You're missing out on giving thanks and being present in the very place and moment God has you. 

You're missing out on the harm from which He's protecting you. You're missing out on what's not your life in the first place. You're missing out on this moment. This time. This happy. This pain. This trust. This lesson.

When we make decisions for you, it's because of the hard we want you to miss out on. It's because of decades more life on this earth that give us wisdom for making decisions for you now. And it's because we are following where the Lord is asking us to lead you. We're not following the ways of the world. When that's what you're after, you're not missing out on anything. And what you think you are missing out on may be the very thing that can destroy what God has for you. 

Sweet child, you're not missing out on anything but God's best for you when you long for what He does not desire for you. 


The one who loves you enough to let you be unhappy with me.

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