Tip Four: Involve Your Family for a Meaningful, Manageable & Memorable Christmas

Well, I survived Black Friday (barely!). How about you? Surely I walked off most of Thanksgiving dinner, and I managed to get a few great deals, so I’d call it a success! We trimmed the tree last night and have officially made the transition into Christmas mode. Since it’s full steam ahead from here, let’s talk about tip four.Tip Four: Involve Your FamilyThe older my kids get, the more this tip plays an important part in the peace of our home. Too many times, I’ll give a “Yes!” to a commitment to which my family would have given an emphatic “Nooooooo!!!” and then I have to fight tooth-and-nail from the moment they find out to the moment we arrive at the commitment!I have learned that the most important person I need to ask is James. We may still commit to something that doesn’t thrill our kids, but it’s because James and I have agreed that it lines up with who we are as a family for Christ.I must confess, there are and will be times when I’ll say yes without consulting anyone, because I’m convinced it’s the right thing to do, but those times are few and far between, at least when it comes to asking James first. I really do try to make sure we’re both on the same page when it comes to where we commit our time.But when it’s truly optional and would simply be something I think would be fun, I try to remember to ask first before giving my answer. That way, if they say yes, I know it’s something we’ll all work toward as a team. If it’s a no, I just saved myself a whole lot of heartache at a time of year when extra stress is the last thing I want or need.The Nutcracker ballet is a perfect example. Just because it’s a tradition I want to continue doesn’t mean my girls love it as much as I do. Every year, I ask them if they’d like to go, and to my heart’s delight, so far the answer has been yes. They’ve come to cherish going together as much as I do. But if ever it’s a no, I’m totally okay with that.Go ahead. Try it. Ask your family if something you’ve always done is something they still want to do. If they say yes, then it's a go! If not, be ready to let it go and enjoy the relief one less commitment brings!Have a great Saturday! Join me here tomorrow for Tip Five: Have a Plan for a Meaningful, Manageable & Memorable Christmas.This series of tips is filling in the framework of The 3 M's of a Merry Christmas. If you've missed a few tips along the way, you'll find all ten here: 10 Tips for Making Christmas Meaningful, Manageable & Memorable.