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When a Middle Wall Separates Us

There’s no more peace today than yesterday, because peace isn’t found in a president elect or a political party. Whether we’re celebrating or grieving this morning, tensions that simmered and spilled into this election remain today, and peace will be found only one way, in and through the One who breaks down the middle wall of separation and bring peace. In and through the ones who are called by His name. So what will we do? While we are still in this mess, what will we as Jesus’ own do?

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When Getting on the Same Page Means Getting on God’s Page

It’s hard to move forward when everyone’s not on the same page! This can be true as friends, in families, on the job and at church, right? It’s easy to think everyone should just get on your page, but what if the best thing is that God get us all on His page together? A terrible dream reminded me of this truth just the other day.

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A Fool-Proof Life Litmus Test

We will never escape our flesh, the devil, or the pressures of this world to conform to its ways. Satan knows what’s at stake when God’s people live holy, set-apart lives: His faithfulness to His promises are on full display, and the gospel is preached from the platform of their lives. It’s exactly what God wants, and the very thing the devil schemes to destroy. Holy living matters, and the Bible tells us how. When it doesn’t specify a do or don’t, hold up whatever is in question to these scriptures and see if the Lord doesn’t make His answer perfectly clear. Check out this Fool-Proof Life Litmus Test.

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Living Unafraid

I don’t know about you, but I want to live unafraid. Unafraid of the consequences of rulers who don’t love and honor God. Unafraid of the legislation they pass. Unafraid of abusive executive orders, socialist policies, higher taxes, escalating debt, national security (or lack thereof), decreasing personal liberty, increasing government encroachment. This scripture gives us practical instruction for what to do to live unafraid: Be subject – submit in the attitude of our hearts.

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