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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day Eight

What gifts God word has for us in seeing Joseph handle news of Mary’s virgin pregnancy and thoughtfully consider how he might put her away secretly! His caution and compassion from a heart of affection is much like how God deals with us. Join me in Matthew 1:18-25 as we unwrap our final gifts from God’s word today and tomorrow.

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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day Seven

How do we make much of God even as we find ourselves in a time of gestation, when He doing a new work in us but it’s not yet here? Mary, Elizabeth and Zacharias encountered impossible news from the Lord, but they also encountered His supernatural faithfulness to bring it to pass. We can serve Him without fear, doing the great and mighty things He has for us to do to prepare the way for Jesus Christ!

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When Getting on the Same Page Means Getting on God’s Page

It’s hard to move forward when everyone’s not on the same page! This can be true as friends, in families, on the job and at church, right? It’s easy to think everyone should just get on your page, but what if the best thing is that God get us all on His page together? A terrible dream reminded me of this truth just the other day.

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Our Alien Existence: Living in this World but not of It

On this twelve-year anniversary of my mom’s death, I remember with a smile the many times we’d get tickled over something silly and lose all control in a fit of giggles. It happens now with me and my girls. This particular time, when we should have been doing schoolwork, I lost all control as Apple’s Photo Booth turned our faces into alien images. And God taught me about what it looks like to live like aliens in this world. That was four years ago, but it’s as fresh in my mind today as it was four years ago when I first wrote this. She’s no longer an alien. She’s home.

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Tip Nine: Make Lists for a Meaningful, Manageable & Memorable Christmas

Santa isn’t the only one who benefits from making a list and checking it twice! How else would he stay organized and make sure nothing slips through the cracks? Hopefully you have a plan and are planning ahead, and now lists can help you stay ahead of what’s required of you for each of your commitments, including gift giving. Today’s tip includes examples you can use for making your own master, working and entertaining lists!

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