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When Getting on the Same Page Means Getting on God’s Page

It’s hard to move forward when everyone’s not on the same page! This can be true as friends, in families, on the job and at church, right? It’s easy to think everyone should just get on your page, but what if the best thing is that God get us all on His page together? A terrible dream reminded me of this truth just the other day.

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Our Alien Existence: Living in this World but not of It

On this twelve-year anniversary of my mom’s death, I remember with a smile the many times we’d get tickled over something silly and lose all control in a fit of giggles. It happens now with me and my girls. This particular time, when we should have been doing schoolwork, I lost all control as Apple’s Photo Booth turned our faces into alien images. And God taught me about what it looks like to live like aliens in this world. That was four years ago, but it’s as fresh in my mind today as it was four years ago when I first wrote this. She’s no longer an alien. She’s home.

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Happy Warrior’s Day!

Today is a little bitter-sweet for me. It’s a reminder of the fact that my mom is no longer living. She’s been gone ten years. Most days, living without my mom has become such a new normal that it catches me off guard when I remember I used to have one. I’ll see her picture or a memory will flash, and I’ll think, “Oh, yeah, I used to have a mom. It was really great. I miss her!” Or I’ll see a woman my age with her mom, and the chasm of her absence temporarily stops me in my tracks. I’ll look at my hands, and I see her hands. That’s always a bit creepy!

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It Really Is Okay to Spy!

I love a good spy movie! I’m intrigued with Hollywood’s romanticized portrayal of secret intelligence operatives who scan crime scenes, analyze clues, vet leads, exploit assets, assume undercover personas, and utilize futuristic technology to coordinate multi-state and even international black ops, all in the name of outsmarting criminals and maintaining national security. In the safety of a Hollywood studio, I think it would be so much fun to be an agent! In real life, that’s exactly what today’s Proverbs 31 target calls us to be. Target ELEVEN: Diligently watching over our households.

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The Heat-Packing, Word-Wise Wife

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love the way I feel afterward, but I hate doing it. If only I was 4″ taller and could maintain a super model’s figure without lifting a finger (except to raise dark chocolate to my mouth)! Most days, I walk/jog or work out to a video. One of my DVD instructors stresses working our smaller muscles because they’re connected to the larger ones. Today’s target, the tongue, is like that: it’s a relatively tiny muscle that’s connected to a larger one – the heart. Target TEN: Speaking life-giving words.

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The Sow-Sew Life of the Proverbs 31 Wife

I ran a marathon once. It was brutal! The brick wall? It’s real. But one stride at a time, my friend and I persevered, legs full of lead, lungs burning, eyes watering, sleet falling. The last few miles, running in the shadows of downtown Houston’s skyline, we alternately shouted: “Go Shauna!” “Go Leesa!” “Go Shauna!” “Go Leesa!” Back and forth, all the way to the finish line. We looked like dorks, but we didn’t care. We were determined. Together, cheering each other on, we made it. Are you determined to hit our targets? I’m cheering wildly alongside you. Please, oh please, cheer for me, too, as we press on. Target EIGHT: Serving others.

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A Wife’s Pulse and Profit

Do you ever feel like a pressure cooker, ready to blow steam with the slightest provocation? As women, most of us face daunting daily demands on our time, energy, and emotions. As wives and mothers, the stress increases exponentially. There are days when I start off in a great mood, until the first person wakes up, and then it’s downhill from there! On those days, I am wise to pay particular attention to today’s two targets. Target SIX: Staying healthy and strong, body, mind, and spirit.

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