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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day Eight

What gifts God word has for us in seeing Joseph handle news of Mary’s virgin pregnancy and thoughtfully consider how he might put her away secretly! His caution and compassion from a heart of affection is much like how God deals with us. Join me in Matthew 1:18-25 as we unwrap our final gifts from God’s word today and tomorrow.

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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day Seven

How do we make much of God even as we find ourselves in a time of gestation, when He doing a new work in us but it’s not yet here? Mary, Elizabeth and Zacharias encountered impossible news from the Lord, but they also encountered His supernatural faithfulness to bring it to pass. We can serve Him without fear, doing the great and mighty things He has for us to do to prepare the way for Jesus Christ!

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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day 3

The stress running around, shopping, hiding and wrapping gifts can be such a distraction from resting in the Lord and delighting in Him this time of year! Sometimes this produces a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Do you struggle with that too? Perhaps getting back to the gift of God’s word will help us all set our minds on Him and what He wants to give us not just now but all year round. Here are the next three gifts.

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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day Two

The Gift of God’s word is like a transformed Christmas Tree on Christmas morning, except it transforms us! Unlike Christmas morning, which comes to an end when the last gift is opened, Jesus isn’t just for Christmas; He’s for every moment of every day of our lives, and we can unwrap the gift of His word any day, any time, endlessly. Today we starting digging under our tree for the first three gifts of Luke 1:5-25.

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The Gift of God’s Word (and Presents Under the Tree) – Day One

When I was a girl, Christmas was all about the gifts! Who am I kidding?!?! I still love the gifts! What if we pulled gifts of truth from God’s word like we do gifts under the Christmas tree, with the same excitement and anticipation? And after unwrapping His truths, what if we savored them and made them our own, finding a hope and joy that lasts all year round? Let’s do that now, starting with the “big gifts” of Luke 1!

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The Living Sacrifice of a Resurrected Life

Jesus died that we might live! We are now the temple in which His presence dwells and where sacrifice takes place: a living sacrifice. Rather than shedding blood, we shed flesh. It’s sacrifice of the New Testament kind, the how of living out from among the world and separate. And it’s on the trail of blood from the first animal sacrifice to cover Adam and Eve’s sin to the foot of the cross where Jesus became the final sacrifice that we discover four characteristics of a living sacrifice.

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The Problem Jesus Fixed

Why is the tragic day of Jesus’ crucifixion called Good Friday? It’s good because of the problem Jesus fixed. And it’s in understanding the problem that we see Jesus as the one true answer and can celebrate the magnitude of what He accomplished on the cross. The Bible leaves a trail of blood that leads us to the problem and the answer, and the reason to hope in Christ.

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