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When the Pleasure of Freedom Is Worth the Pain of Breaking Free

Like my puppy JJ charging through his electric fence to freedom, I’m learning that the pleasure of living free in Christ is worth the pain of breaking free of bondage! In the same way I tend to push the boundaries before I learn painful lessons, I also desperately desire freedom in Christ and a life of power in the Holy Spirit, and I’m willing to go through just about anything to get it!

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Our Alien Existence: Living in this World but not of It

On this twelve-year anniversary of my mom’s death, I remember with a smile the many times we’d get tickled over something silly and lose all control in a fit of giggles. It happens now with me and my girls. This particular time, when we should have been doing schoolwork, I lost all control as Apple’s Photo Booth turned our faces into alien images. And God taught me about what it looks like to live like aliens in this world. That was four years ago, but it’s as fresh in my mind today as it was four years ago when I first wrote this. She’s no longer an alien. She’s home.

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In the Dark Room with God

Do you find that you’re frustrated with the same mindsets, patterns, and behaviors over and over again? Do things get better for a while, and you think you’ve finally overcome, only to cycle back through the same junk all over again? Do you wrestle with bitterness and unforgiveness, holding on to hurts inflicted by individuals and circumstances? Perhaps God is drawing you into the dark room.

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