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Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

Jesus spoke directly to Satan and told Him what for, and as His disciples, He’s given us the authority to do the same thing. It’s time to confront the devil OUT LOUD, tell him where to go, and then stick our fingers in our ears, because he’s not going to go quietly. The devil’s M.O. is to get us to go against God and therefore keep us separated from Him or cause us to be useless to His purposes, and when we resist, he throws an eternal tantrum, manipulating until he wears us down or we shut him up. Satan’s been trying to wear me down, and it’s time I shut him up.

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Beware the Lingering Loiterer

There it sits on my bathroom counter, a pink sticky note with two words scribbled in pencil: No lingering. It’s been there several weeks like a “No Loitering” sign that warns against aimlessly lurking with nothing to do but find trouble, heading off problems before they stir. That’s what my sticky note is doing for me: coaching me along, keeping me accountable. It’s there because I was spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, dissatisfied. From full-length to magnified and lit up close, I was studying myself; the more I did, the more I found to criticize.

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The Heat-Packing, Word-Wise Wife

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love the way I feel afterward, but I hate doing it. If only I was 4″ taller and could maintain a super model’s figure without lifting a finger (except to raise dark chocolate to my mouth)! Most days, I walk/jog or work out to a video. One of my DVD instructors stresses working our smaller muscles because they’re connected to the larger ones. Today’s target, the tongue, is like that: it’s a relatively tiny muscle that’s connected to a larger one – the heart. Target TEN: Speaking life-giving words.

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