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Give Me this Living Water!

The Samaritan woman still does not know whom this man is who sits before her talking about living water. She still thinks He is talking about water as a natural resource. But she is interested. She sees He is special. She wants this water He offers! And He is about to reveal exactly who He is!

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Be Bold by Faith

I so relate to Jesus’ disciple Peter: bold, passionate, sometimes rash, saying and promising some pretty impressive things Jesus corrects and rebukes. I’m just like him! The fact that Jesus mightily uses Peter in spite of his well-intentioned but misguided escapades gives me great hope as I continue learning how to be boldly me. This includes learning to do what the Lord asks even when He’s not asking anyone else to do that same thing.

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Whacking at Branches When the Problem Is in the Roots

I was exhausted! I desperately needed to get to the bottom of what seemed like an endless pit of hopeless strongholds. A lifetime of whacking at problem branches with the machete of perfection had gotten me nowhere. Even if I successfully severed a rotten branch from the tree and saw the end of a particularly troublesome behavior, another branch would simply take its place! I needed a root job (and I’m not talking about my grey hair)!

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