Had I heard God? Not on the shuttle van; I knew I heard Him there. But months earlier, where the significance of God’s farther to last week’s blog (see The Big Tip) is found in the former, where the story begins.

I’d dreamed of attending She Speaks for years, but when registration opened for the 2014 conference, I was a pendulum of indecision for weeks. God’s peace finally confirmed His “Yes,” so I signed up and checked the box to meet with a publisher while there. Surely it was the perfect opportunity to pitch a revised version of my first Bible study, Holy His: Hope for a Life and a Nation Wholly His.

Months later, on a pre-conference training call to help attendees prepare for their publisher meetings, a familiar caution flagged in my spirit. Since my season of life won’t accommodate the potential demands a book deal might put on me and my family, was it premature to open that door? I emailed the instructor for advice. Her response confirmed my concern, and I canceled my appointments.

A few days later, I began to doubt my decision to go to She Speaks at all. I considered canceling but discovered I would lose all my money. My fate was sealed, and I’m so glad! God overwhelmed me with messages and revelations only He could have known I needed. How could there be more?

That’s when the tip God specified for the airport shuttle driver reduced her to tears, and God’s presence was more reward than my heart could contain.

That leaves the farther of the story – the exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond of God!

After checking in for my flight, I approached the security line and noticed the woman in front of me carried a She Speaks tote. Naturally I asked, “How was your conference?”

We had a lovely conversation. I learned she was a fellow Texan, had attended She Speaks seven times, and she, too, had taken the writer’s track. She asked about my writing, so I briefly shared my heart and passion for my blog and Bible studies.

I had no idea who I was talking to, but God did.

It was a divine appointment with Esther Fedorkevich, president of The Fedd Agency, a literary agency in Austin, and a featured speaker at She Speaks. (Yes, I felt like an idiot when I figured out who she was! Such a typical moment for me.) Her clients read like a Who’s Who of New York Times best-selling authors! In our brief chat, she explained a key feature publisher’s want in Bible studies –priceless insight for revising Holy His.

You see, I obeyed God with a monetary tip, and He returned it pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing with something immeasurably more valuable than money.

In the economy of God, blessings always follow obedience. They may appear unrelated and from the most unexpected places, but God will supply exactly what He knows we need and more than we could ask or imagine.

Lord, thank You for the personal, powerful way You work in our daily lives, ordering our steps and rewarding our obedience as we learn to be more wholly Yours every day.