Her name is Prisca. She fit right in! Crazy just like the rest of us. She was enthusiastic, energetic, always in the middle of things, and definitely off a notch in the head. We always joked that perhaps something just didn’t connect all the way in that noggin of hers.

If you even looked her way, she considered it an invitation to be your BFF. Pet her, and there was no end to the attention she desired. She had no “off” button, pawing and inching her way closer to you until you resumed petting her or literally put her outside for a moment of sanity and solitude.

We had to put her down yesterday, sweet old girl. Old age. To prolong her life would have been merciful to us, but not to her. Such a hard decision. Such sadness.

Especially because of how she joined our family.

My mother traveled half the United States to meet the breeder and bring Prisca home. She couldn’t wait to breed her with our male standard poodle, Samson, a gift from one of my mom’s other dog’s litters. Four days after picking up Prisca, my mother suddenly passed away.

Because of my mom’s dream of breeding Prisca with Samson, I decided it would be best to bring her home with us.

Saying Farewell to a Furry Family Member

The Happy Couple

To make her a part of our family. And so we did. She and Samson had one litter of the cutest black puppies ever.

Saying Farewell to a Furry Family Member


It was a beautiful experience of witnessing life and birth.

And now death.

I guess it’s part of life, but it sure can be hard.

And now, it seems like the last living remnant of my mom’s time on earth has passed, too.

But not really. Because the legacy of her love for Jesus and her prayers for a wayward daughter live on in me. The legacy of her faithfulness to Jesus lives on in me. Her laughter, her poor judgment behind the wheel, her hands, her facial resemblance. It’s all there. In me.

And so as we say goodbye to her dog that became our dog – eleven years later – I celebrate the years we had with Prisca just as I celebrate the years I God gave me with my mother. And I look forward to the day when we are reunited in heaven because we both placed our faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

And I like to think Prisca will be there, too.

Thank You, Lord, for the time You give us with our loved ones and our loved pets. Thank you for Your comfort when we grieve and the hope we have because of Jesus Christ and eternal life in Him. I love you.