Today, on the ninth anniversary of my mother’s death, I remember:
Times we laughed so hard we cried.
Scriptures to admonish and encourage.
Letters full of love.
Articles clipped and left for me to find.
Hours studying God’s word.
Moments of compassion poured out on hurting patients.
Mothers changed by the love and care you gave their children.
Miles jogged together.
Hours spent chatting.
Prayers shared.
Hugs squeezed.
Experiences shared.
Answers given.
Grins a mile wide.
Google eyes at grandchildren.
Stories read aloud to the same.
Salvations celebrated.
Birthdays and holidays together.
Gifts with eternal meaning.
Phone calls as you went about your day.
God’s special messages you couldn’t wait to share.
Favorite books worn at the edges, filled with underlining and notes.
Books as gifts whenever one touched you deeply.
Mostly, I remember today what life was like when she was here. Life with a mom. And I long to see her face. Hear her voice.

Take a moment to call your mom. Tell her you love about her. Cherish her. Thank God for her.

Thank you, Lord, that my time missing my mom here on earth is nothing in light of eternity together. Your ways are higher. You are good, even in loss. I will love You and praise You in all things as I become more wholly Yours today.
Shauna Wallace
Holy His