Can I share a little more about enough? Specifically, about a concept that is probably a common struggle for many of us:

I am not enough.

Do you struggle with thinking you’re not enough? Not enough as a mom, not enough as a wife, not enough as a Christian? Not young enough, pretty enough, thin enough, successful enough, gifted enough, kind enough? Do you look at yourself with disappointment because you don’t think you DO enough? I don’t serve enough, give enough, work enough, earn enough, control myself enough, and on and on?

It’s not that someone spoke these words to me, but somehow, I picked it up as a child, and I have made decisions according to this belief all my life. I am seeing it in my life right now as I try and prove myself: to myself, to others and to God. Right now God is revealing how I am trying to prove to myself daily that I am saved because I am doing enough! Argh! It is a stronghold!

The argument goes something like this:

Did I do enough today?

Is this enough?

Am I enough?

I’ll just do more tomorrow.

I’ll perform more and accomplish more. Then I’ll be enough!

I’ll lose more weight, change the way I look, get more, do more, have more. Then I’ll have and be enough!

I’ll do what is my calling and I’ll add everyone else’s calling to my plate, too.

I can be enough, I just need to do more, and then I’ll finally be happy.

I’ll finally be enough.

That’s what the devil wants us to say about enough.

But what does scripture say about enough?

There are seven Hebrew words we translate enough, and the essence of the meaning of all of them is sufficiency or even abundance to the point of satisfaction: all, everyone, everything in large portion and great measure and variety; to be or have enough is to have what is required and not fall short in any way, form, fashion or measure.

Enough. ALL. You know what this means to me: perfection. If I’m not doing it all then what I am doing doesn’t count at all. It’s the law, not grace. Doggone I default here so easily!

Not so the enough of the New Covenant.

In the Greek, eleven words are translated enough. Interestingly, the meaning conveyed is somewhat the same as to having sufficient physical provisions, but the Greek words introduce another dimension of enough: Who. Able. Can. Power. Have. Abound. Well. Right. Correctly. Make. Do.

Hmmmm. That’s so interesting to me!

The enough of the New Testament introduces the Who – the One who IS enough. The One who IS able to make us enough. The One who has power to make us abound: to make us enough. To make us do what is right and correct.

And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Guess what the word sufficient means? Enough!

The only enough we will ever know is the enough of God’s grace: His grace to save us and His grace to turn us to Jesus in all our ways every day we remain on this earth as a child of God. He saves us; He keeps us; He makes us enough.

The truth is, we are not enough and never will be. We can never be enough or do enough in our own power and might to earn salvation. Ever.

And right this second, as I type these words, the Lord is revealing the actual lie. The real lie isn’t “I’m not enough,” because that is actually true: we are not enough and never will be.

The lie the devil wants me and you to believe is this:

Jesus is not enough.

This is a lie from the devil to steal, kill and destroy. It is his only M.O. And when we believe his lies and make decisions based on those lies, we sin against God, who is Truth, and sin leads to death. Always. Emotional death, death of relationships, death of hope, death of purpose, death of fulfillment.

This is huge!

Because if Jesus isn’t enough, then somehow I have to be.

And you know what? When I believe Jesus isn’t enough, I set out to prove I am.

There is only one I AM and it is not me!

Which takes us back to the truth: we are not and never will be enough.

And the even greater truth?


Let me tell you something about the lies of the devil, and he’s always lying because it’s the only language he knows. The devil doesn’t lie in ways we immediately recognize and reject; he twists truth just enough to make lies look like truth. He presents lies in a way that makes sense according to reasoning, the traditions of man and the ways of the world, all of which are under his sway!

It’s much easier to recognize when we’re thinking we’re not enough, because that’s actually true, than it is to recognize when we’re believing the lie that Jesus isn’t enough.

When God gives me knowledge of a lie at play in my thinking, I am so thankful for the gift of His word and knowledge to replace it with HIS truth.


Jesus is enough!

His death as payment for my sin and your sin and the sins of the world is ENOUGH. Nothing more is needed. When He saves us and we become children of God, we are in Christ and His Spirit is in us, and

In Him we are enough!

His finished work on the cross is a finished in us even as He is finishing that finished work in us, and we are enough. There is nothing more for us to do to be enough in Christ. HIS WORK on the cross is enough.

His grace — God’s enabling power (thank you Jerry Bridges in Trusting God) — is ENOUGH. His grace is enough in the face of our not enough! His power is at work in our weakness.

As I pray through each card in my SIMPLE Prayer binder, I am struck by how many of us women in all aspects of life and seasons and ages and stages need to BELIEVE this one truth: Jesus is enough.

He is.

It is true.

You can believe it, you can count on it and you can live in His enoughness.