Have you ever found yourself cruising through life, feeling like you’ve got everything under control – there’s peace in your home and heart, family and circumstances – and suddenly you’re figuratively or literally flat on your face before God?

And in that place, the only cry you can muster is “Help!”

I’ve found myself there many times:

I come face to face with the fact that I can’t reach the heart of my strong-willed child.

I have a tiff with my husband, and even if there’s peace, there’s not resolution.

Something is eating at me and I can’t figure it out, or I know what it is and am terrified to talk about it.

I’m sick, tired and/or emotionally off kilter and nothing I try to make myself feel better is working.

I or someone I love receives bad news.

Something doesn’t go as expected and I’m  caught off guard.

I lack vision or a sense of purpose and the aimlessness weighs me down and threatens to lead me to despair.

My schedule gets packed, I get overwhelmed and shut down or go into overdrive.

The ugly head of an old addiction threatens to suck me in when I thought I was done with that!

I find myself asking forgiveness again for a habitual sin even though I genuinely, desperately long to be free.

I encounter something that challenges my beliefs and haven’t yet discovered the answer in scripture and different highly respected Christian authorities teach diametrically opposing views on the matter.

The candidate I hoped would win the nomination to run for president drops out and the remaining prospects offer little hope for our country.

Maybe you find yourself in a similar or even more desperate situation right now.


It is in our greatest weakness that we can know the greatness of our God, and His word tells us:

Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).

God never allows anything to which HE is not the answer!

Come boldly to Him!

What is there for us?

Mercy and grace to help in time of need!

Don’t pick up that drink or comfort food or electronic. Don’t turn to distractions or the things of this world and the flesh to find help. Go to the throne of grace!

The God of grace exclusively and uniquely has the mercy and grace we need, no matter the source or circumstances of our distress.