Practicing SIMPLE Prayer: a Simple Way to Powerfully Pray

Practicing SIMPLE Prayer: A Simple Way to Powerfully Pray delivers a practical way to apply God’s word in prayer so you can experience His promised results! In 31 short, scriptural devotions, Shauna shares the patent-pending SIMPLE tool that has helped her and 100s of women become focused, intentional and consistent women of their “I’ll-pray-for-you” word. Visit the SIMPLE Prayer page to learn more about SIMPLE Prayer, shop products or access the free videos and resources.

Holy His: seven secrets to secure hope in insecure times

A 7-week study on the book of Nehemiah and the power of an obedient life!

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We probably all agree, we are living in uncertain, volatile times. It is nearly impossible to discern reality and truth. Nothing in our world is secure and unchanging. But as God’s children, we can experience His redeeming grace, indescribable favor and unmatched power to accomplish the impossible in and through us, no matter what is going on around us. God did it for Nehemiah. He will do if for us. In this seven-week Bible study on the ruin-to-revival story of Nehemiah, you will discover “Seven Secrets to Secure Hope in Insecure Times.” Are you ready?  

“In reading Holy His, I was reminded how much there is to learn and apply in regards to our walk with the Lord. Author, Shauna Wallace, gently shows how the Bible teaches us to live our lives revealing standards for us to strive for through His help. I love the way she explains these habits of life that we should strive for through the lens of God’s loving, wise, but very clear, ways of thinking. Reading and applying the wisdom learned allows the reader to reach new levels in their Christian walk. The study is deep, revealing and full of wisdom yet easy to read and apply. I highly recommend anyone who wants to understand the heart of the Lord better to pursue this book. You will never be the same.”

Holy His sums up how we should live. Shauna Wallace does an tremendous job laying out the case for our need for such transformation individually and as a nation. The subtitle, Hope for a Life and a Nation Wholly His, is accurately stated and is the right prescription for hope for our nation and in our personal lives. Her Scripture filled study with an emphasis on obedience leads to a greater closeness with God. Holy His is practical and applicable and leads you to the heart of God. The thoughtful handwritten comments in the corners of the margins are great helps in moving you to holiness and intimacy with God. This inspirational study is imbued with the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit. Read it, study it and applied it obediently and God will be glorified and all who do will find hope for a life and a nation wholly His.”

“A great book to inspire and motivate you to be what God intended! She walks you through a variety of different scriptures that cause you to think and be changed. It’s great to read alone and even better with a group study. This book will leave you desiring what God desires for you.”

Holy His is a study that will refocus, encourage and inspire you to become ALL that God has called you to be. I read it alone first, then included my older kids and neighbors in a group study of the book. It is well worth your time and effort to do this as a Bible study with a group of people. I give it a 5 star ALL THE WAY!!”

30 Days to Living a God Life

Not Just a Good Life

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If you’re like me and genuinely desire to live like Jesus, even in the secret places of your life, but in the heat of temptation, emotion or distraction, something else overrules, 30 Days to Living a God Life not Just a Good Life is for you! It’s not a study on how to be good or get better; rather, it teaches us how to live God’s word as a way of life one STEP at a time.

Each of the 30 days covers one principle or “life app” from Paul’s teaching in Romans 12:9-21 on how to behave like a Christian, even when it’s hard, and even when no one is looking. When we learn to rest in God’s grace to influence us and His power to equip us, He changes our mindsets and heart attitudes. We encounter His faithfulness and the gospel is preached, even if we don’t say a word. It’s how to live a God life, and it is the good life!

Whether you put your faith in Jesus yesterday or decades ago, anyone can do this study! Each day takes about 30 minutes and contains one STEP – the Scripture you’ll memorize and study that day, a Teaching on what it means, an Example from the Bible, and then Practice & Prayer to put that principle into practice that day.

Because 30 Days to Living a God Life not Just a Good Life is a combination devotional and Bible study, there’s flexibility in how much you do each day. You can make it work for you in the time you have and for where you are in your walk with God! The lessons are broken down into six weeks of study by theme. There’s a Group Study with seven live lessons that can be used by your leader or facilitator, or you can get the Individual Study guide if you’re doing it on your own, as a discipling tool, or in a small group without a leader. Group Study books and facilitator materials are available through Contact Me.