The day after. Early-morning emails confirmed late-night projections. Not only did Barack Obama win his re-election bid for the White House, same-sex marriage was legalized in two states by popular vote rather than by court action, and marijuana was legalized for all uses, including recreational, in Colorado and Washington state. Not a good news day.
I haven’t turned on the television or radio since Tuesday. (Honestly, I kind of like it!) I have no desire to immerse myself in post-election postulation as some celebrate promises of a rosy future guaranteed by government while others detail the devastation that is sure to come. One event, two diametrically opposite outlooks. Some welcome the pending change. Many cringe. Any attempt on my part to hyper-analyze the national, international, economic, military, and moral ramifications is sure to end with a prescription for anti-depressants. Worse yet, tranquilizers.
I’m not attempting to bury my head in the sand or deny the reality of the ramifications of the results of this election. Rather, I am overwhelmed by a sense of peace and joy that I serve the same God today, a few days after the election, as I did the day before the election. Or four years ago when this administration first took office. Or four years before that, when we elected our last Christian president.
Instead of depression and disgust, I find myself praising God.
He is the Lord. The one true God. This election doesn’t change who He is. He is good, and mighty, and sovereign. He is the only one who is all places, knows all things, and has all power. He IS the Alpha and Omega. President Obama didn’t sneak up from behind and surprise him with his re-election. He sets all things in order, controls all things, and accomplishes all things according to His will, even in government. Barack Obama is president because the Lord stationed him there. Unquestionably, “there is no authorityexcept from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God” (Romans 13:1).
So what now?
Four years is a long time to wait for another chance to change the leadership of our country. A lot has happened in that time, and now, as the president was overheard saying to Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has a lot more “flexibility” since he doesn’t face re-election. I don’t know about you, but I find myself in the same place as four years ago when President Obama won his first term.
The answer for this nation then and now is for God’s people to become holy as He is holy. It is for us to see our sin as God sees it and place our faith unwaveringly in His word, who He is, and His faithfulness to do what He says He’ll do. It is for us to obey without compromise because of His grace that saves us and keeps us turned toward Him and His ways.
As the Holy Spirit enables our obedience to what seem like impossible standards, God blesses and moves and shows Himself off in such a way that others will know He is God. Because of His love for us, we love Him, and that genuine, life-changing love spreads to those around us. All of a sudden, others have a chance to see a Real Savior and the government is no longer the only tangible solution to the world’s hurts and needs. As we are made righteous by the blood of Jesus and exist in irrevocable covenant with Him, and as our obedience positions us for God’s use, our prayers avail much.
This nation desperately needs God’s church to enter the battlefield armed and ready to fight for souls not morals. Salvation, not economic and national security. When we do, the other naturally follows as God does what He says He’ll do, giving us credibility as we do our part as citizens, bringing us full circle to putting our faith unwaveringly in Him and His word.
Holy His: Hope for Life and a Nation Wholly His (see image/link in above right sidebar) is a scripture-packed how-to for doing just that. I pray this doesn’t come across as shameless self-promotion, but I can’t help but wonder at the timing its release. When the publisher dragged its feet and my Bible study was released six weeks before the election instead of the six months I desired, I was immeasurably disappointed. In my mind and according to my plans, the purpose was to get a message to Christians for this election. Now I see it very well could be for such a time as now.
It’s a line-in-the-sand moment. Time to choose. Time to step completely over and choose faith. Either that, or stay in fear and unbelief, tossed about by every latest news report or dire prediction. Worse yet, remain straddled over the line.
And whatever we do, we cannot share a doomsday outlook as those without hope! No matter what, life is not doomsday for the child of God.
He promises to never leave or forsake us EVEN IF HE LEAVES AND FORSAKES A NATION THAT TURNS ITS BACK ON HIM. Historically, He has shown Himself ever faithful, singling out His people, singling out a remnant, even as judgment and destruction descend on the unrighteous all around. And there’s the key. Righteous or unrighteous. Holy or unholy.
It is even more obvious now.
We must live the message of the gospel. It is the only message of hope for individuals, families, and our nation. In order to be holy His, we must be wholly His, obeying  the word of God out of love for Jesus Christ. When we do, the evidence of His mighty hand upon us will give our words credibility and our lives will become a powerful platform for preaching a believable message of salvation.
It’s a narrow road, but it leads to life!
May we find it today.
Shauna Wallace
Holy HIs