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What if you had a simple way to be specific, consistent and intentional in prayer?
Have you ever wished for a simple way to be consistent, organized and purposeful in your prayers?

Do you want to be known for praying when you say you will with an easy, flexible way to keep track of those requests?

Do you long to spend more time in prayer, but frankly, it’s kind of boring and what do you say after a few minutes anyways?

Do you long to pray with passion and power and with results?

What if you had a simple way to be specific and intentional in prayer?


Here’s a quick video of what you’ll build!!!

There are several options for your participation!

SIMPLE Prayer Binder $25

SIMPLE Prayer Binder complete with nine tabs and a set of two-hole punched 3×5 cards.


Get this beautiful SIMPLE Prayer Binder and a Sip & See that the Lord is Good coffee mug.

Sip & See Mug $15

Enjoy your favorite hot drink while you pray with this Sip & See that the Lord is Good mug.

You may also DIY! Just purchase the following items:

– A two-ring 3x5 binder or two loose leaf binder rings

– One pack of two-hole punched 3x5 cards

– One set of two-hole punched 3x5 tabs

NOTE: Taxes are not included in the prices above. Where applicable, shipping and handling will be added.

To order, send me an email at [email protected] with your order and the best way to get it to you. I will send you an invoice through a secure credit card processing service called Square (the company name on the invoice and on your statement will be Abundant Possibilities). As soon as I receive payment, I will either be in touch about delivery if you’re local, or I will ship your order.

How SIMPLE Prayer Works

The moment you confirm your subscription to the SIMPLE Prayer email list, you will activate your SIMPLE Prayer subscription. You will receive a welcome email with your free SIMPLE Prayer prayer devotional and instruction eBook attached. If you have your SIMPLE Prayer binder or DIY supplies, you can start right away! If you are ordering a binder, you can start the moment you receive it!

In your eBook, you’ll find thirty-one daily devotionals on prayer grouped into six themes as set forth by Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer, as well as specific instructions for setting up, building and praying through your SIMPLE Prayer binder. Below, you will find links to the videos referenced in your SIMPLE Prayer eBook.

Each daily devotional follows a SIMPLE outline:

Seek: what does scripture say about prayer?

Inspect: what do I see in my own heart and/or behavior as to what the day’s scripture says?

Meditate: how is God speaking to me, what is He showing me and what is my thinking?

Pray: talk to God about what He’s saying.

Learn: learn what to do with your binder that day.

Execute: do it and pray through your binder!

Just follow each day’s outline to the end!


Here are the videos you will find referenced in your FREE SIMPLE Prayer devotional and how to eBook. They are listed by day as they appear in your devotionals.

Day 1 – The SIMPLE Prayer Backstory
Day 1 – How SIMPLE Prayer Works
Day 1 – The SIMPLE Prayer Binder Reveal
Day 2 – I Want That!
Day 5 – My Prayer Pace
Day 7 – Intentionally Devoted to Prayer
Day 12 – Magnify the Lord
Day 14 – My Praise Binder
Day 17 – Praying God’s Will
Day 18 – Texting Prayers
Day 22 – Give Us THIS Day
Day 27 – Examine and Experience
Day 31 – That’s a Wrap!

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I do hope you will join our secret Facebook community so we can encourage and pray for one another as we embark on this journey! It is a great place to share ideas, questions and ways the Lord is customizing your binder to you!

In order for the group to be secret, there are a few steps required to join.

  1. Friend me on Facebook:
  2. Send me a direct message letting me know you are a SIMPLE Prayer subscriber.
  3. I will send you an invitation to join!

Feedback and FREE Gift

Well, you’re done! You are AWESOME!!! Your feedback on just six questions is invaluable to me, and I have a free gift for your SIMPLE Prayer binder when you complete this quick form. Your gift will be mailed shortly after you hit SUBMIT below!

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