White shores and emerald waters lured our family to Florida last week. I love the sand, but not so much the surf. I have a healthy reverence for the power of the ocean, and when black skies and raging waters threatened late one afternoon, I discovered that everyone else does too! Self-preservation swelled with the seas, and the masses retreated. A natural response to an unmatched threat, wouldn’t you say?

I think Gideon would have shouted “Amen!” from the winepress, where we met him last week, threshing wheat in order to hide it from the threat of the Midianites (see You Don’t Have to Have It All Together to Be Mightily Used by God).

A storm was brewing, and Gideon needed an anchor.

God deals in facts based on His truth. When we doubt, we are “like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind” (James 1:6). When we believe God’s word without reservation, His truth anchors us even in life’s greatest storms. Tweet this!

Grab your Bible and read along with me in Judges (see chapters and verses in parentheses) as we finish Gideon’s victim to victor story.

20 Truths for Surviving Life’s Storms

  1. God sees us as He knows us, not as we see ourselves (6:14-15).
  2. The Lord is with us; we shall defeat the enemy (6:16).
  3. God shows Himself to us and assures us (6:17-22).
  4. God gives us peace – The-LORD-Is-Peace (6:23-24).
  5. Obedience requires destroying idols (6:25-26).
  6. Destroying idols infuriates idol worshipers (6:27-30).
  7. When mad people want retaliation, speak truth (6:31).
  8. Idols don’t defend their worshipers (6:32).
  9. Even when we obey God, circumstances may appear to get worse (6:33).
  10. The Spirit of God will enable us to do what He asks us to do (6:34).
  11. God can do anything we ask (6:36-40).
  12. God may strip us down to the place where He alone receives glory (7:1-3a).
  13. In fear, people may leave us to walk a lonely road (7:3b).
  14. When we’re already feeling powerless and vulnerable, God might ask us to trust Him even more (7:4-7).
  15. God strengthens us, even when our worst fears are confirmed (7:9-12).
  16. God gives us exactly what we need, when and how we need it (7:13-14).
  17. Don’t wait to worship; bring God glory knowing His promises are certain (7:15)!
  18. God make a little look like an overwhelming opposing force (7:16-18).
  19. Sometimes, we don’t fight; we just obey (7:19-22).
  20. Victory isn’t the destination, it’s one step on the journey to defeat the enemy and take back what belongs to the Lord (7:23-24).

Gideon believed God, obeyed, and saw the deliverance of the Lord.

We can too as we anchor ourselves in His truth.

Lord, give us the understanding and faith we need to believe You in the face of any storm. Thank You for Your truth that anchors us as we become more wholly Yours today.