“A soul that’s anchored in Christ is an anchored soul.”

I share this truth when I teach my Bible study, 30 Days to Living a God Life not Just a Good Life.

What does it stir in you? Agreement, because you know it to be true? Longing, because you wish it was you?

The Lord has brought me through several years of sequestering myself with Him in the early morning hours to wrestle with unbelief, search His word for His truth about myself, my hurt, my sin and how He desires for me to be in relationship with Him and others. He has answered questions, affirmed truth, revealed roots of sin, exposed lies and given me spiritual understanding that can only come from His Holy Spirit opening my eyes to see as I study the word and interact with Him all throughout my day. He has granted me supernatural revelations that have anchored my soul to hope in Christ alone as the Lord connects His word to real life and uses His word and His Spirit to resolve unsettled aspects of my past, present, future and faith. He has and is teaching me what it looks like to not just be set free by Christ but to live free in Christ…free indeed!

My anchored soul is a soul at rest as the Lord systematically untethers my heartstrings from the details and cares of this world. It is a rest that transcends sleep and circumstances. My relationships can be strained and my schedule stressful, and yet my soul is at rest. Right now, I face life transitions and unknowns, and my soul is at rest. I am waiting on the Lord to complete His work in my heart in areas where I still struggle with sin, and yet my soul is at rest. I can have unrestful emotions and interactions, and yet my soul is at rest.

I’m convinced it’s because the Lord by His grace has brought me to a place of living present in the moment in total trust in Him. It’s a radical departure from a lifetime of living in regret over my past, habitual sin in the present and a hopelessness and despair that things will ever be any different in the future because of unbelief that I could ever be different. My mind was in a constant state of distracted absence; I was never truly present in the moment.

But in the place where the Lord drew me into sequestered seeking and reflecting, searching my heart and seeing as He exposed roots of sin, the Lord has led me to exact scriptures in His word to uproot that sin and remove the soul distraction. With every doubt or lie He has revealed as a root of unbelief, He has also revealed an exact truth in His word on which I can now stand firm. And He has confirmed His word as true in some remarkable, specific ways in my relationships and circumstances.

Soul distractions have been destroyed as He deals with every way I try to be my own or another person’s God. He has opened my eyes to see this idolatry and has taught me through His word and other believers how to trust Him alone to be God. And He continues His work, untethering heartstrings anchored in affections that compete for the love and loyalty that must first and foremost be to Him.

His presence is now my safe place. It is where I find fullness of joy. It is where my soul finds an anchor no matter the storm that rages around me. It is where I take my hurts and questions. It is where I wrestle with tragedies I don’t understand, answers I need but don’t have, emotions that threaten to pull me under, people who disappoint me, tugs on my heart I don’t know how to follow, responsibilities I can’t see how I’ll handle. Everything. I have learned to bring everything into the presence of God. And He’s teaching me I can go there anytime, anywhere.

As a creature of habit and routine, I often wonder what would happen to my faith and peace and anchored soul if I was yanked out of my morning routine in the sweet spot in my office where I cuddle up with my puppy JJ and a cup of coffee and sink into time with the Lord. I think about Christians imprisoned for their faith and wonder what would happen to my faith if I had to have a quiet time in a prison cell with rats and roaches and hunger pains that never find relief. Would my time be so sweet if my circumstances weren’t?

I don’t know. I haven’t faced persecution and imprisonment. A lot of our brothers and sisters in Christ have, and from what I read of their stories, they enjoy a sweetness and joy in God’s presence that I can’t even fathom!

But I did recently find myself out of my routine entirely and in a place where sequestered morning solitude was a challenge for nearly a week. My soul desperately longed to pull away from the distractions of where I was and the dynamics of the people I was with – I wanted my sweet spot at home! And the Lord showed me I can go to that sweet spot any time because my sweet spot is in His presence anywhere, anytime. So He would draw me into a quiet five minutes behind a closed door when no one was expecting me to be present, and I would lay flat on my face before Him and pour out my longing for Him, my praise and thanksgiving for His ever-present presence. I would cry out to Him for what I needed of Him in the moment, which was really just Him. All of Him. All of what He has that has to come from Him for me to ever live and love in a way that brings Him glory. I never found uninterrupted chunks of time like I’m able to schedule into my day at home, but He showed me pockets throughout the day, and He multiplied every minute spent seeking Him.

We can go to our sweet spot in Christ anytime, anywhere.

While I’ve known this as head knowledge, I’m learning experientially that His presence isn’t found in a certain place, like it was in the Old Testament when the Lord Almighty dwelled behind a veil that led to the most holy place of His presence. Only the high priest could enter behind the veil once a year after shedding the blood of a sacrificial animal to cleanse himself of sin. I’m learning His presence isn’t only experienced in the chair where I sit in the corner of my office. I can sequester myself behind the veil in His most holy presence by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ at any time, in any place, in any circumstance. I literally just picture myself pulling back a massive, thick veil, stepping behind through the blood of Jesus, and simply resting in God’s presence. In my spirit, I go there, with Him. And I’m just with Him, like sitting in the same room with someone with whom you love to spend time. You don’t even have to be engaged in conversation or activity. You’re just content to be together. That’s going behind the veil, heart bowed, soul at rest.

I am so thankful for this moment. Right now. Soul at rest, words forming on the screen before me. I’m so thankful to be fully in this moment. He is in this moment, and nothing else matters. His presence is here, inside me and around me. He is present, so to be with Him, I must be in the present moment. And in this moment, all is well with my anchored soul.

What about your soul? Your mind, will, emotions and conscience? Is your soul as it’s comprised of all these things at rest in Christ? Do you know Him as Lord and Savior, and therefore you know anchoring peace because He has saved and is saving your soul? You can! Right now! If God by His lovingkindness is influencing your heart to turn to Jesus right now, you will know it. You do know it. So do it! If you don’t know how or what it means to put your faith in Christ Jesus for salvation, just click on the graphic to the right that says “The One Way of Salvation.” Maybe you know Him. Jesus is your savior! Yet you are not feeling anchored to Him. You can’t seem to find the time to sit in His presence. Maybe you are working and/or raising young kids or taking care of a ill or aging loved one, and you haven’t yet figured out how to build intentional time with the Lord into your day. I pray this is the day He shows you behind the veil right where you are. Ask Him. Tell Him where you are and where you long that He would take you. And then follow where He leads. If you want to connect, please comment or you can privately email me through my Contact Me page. I am here for you.

Lord, thank You that You are an anchor of peace and rest for our souls! You save us and then You anchor us as You do Your mighty work in us to untether our heartstrings from affections that only serve as distractions from knowing You, the fullness of Your presence and goodness and walking in Your purpose and glory. Lord, I lift up every woman reading this right now and ask You to overwhelm her with Your presence. Touch her heart in the deepest place of worry, doubt, fear, insecurity and/or hurt. Let her know You are here. You love her. You long to heal and deliver her into a place of anchored hope, peace and love. You long to set her free from sin and death and usher her into the abundant life in Christ Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for all YOU do!!!