Thanksgiving is upon us, ushering in the holiday season. Are you already wondering how you’re going to maintain sanity and peace and get it all done? (That’s if we have sanity and peace to start with, right?) Would you like to have a practical, intentional plan in place to make sure it’s a Merry Christmas, even for you? If you’d like to know more, click over to The Laundry Moms today where I share the 3 M’s of Merry Christmas, a framework for how to make your Christmas Meaningful, Manageable & Memorable. Then starting tomorrow on my blog, I’ll share 10 tips to help us fill in the framework, and for the following nine days, I’ll share a brief blog on each tip, kind of like The Twelve Days of Christmas, but ten. A gift of encouragement I pray will help each of us to take the holidays by the horns instead of feeling like we ended up rammed in the rear by a holiday bull!