Something about Colossians 3:15 soothes my soul: “Let the peace of God rule your hearts.”

Peace. In one way or another, don’t we all want peace. Yes, peace in the world and peace with each other, but at an individual level, when we’re alone, isn’t peace what we desire? Peace in our hearts and peace in our minds. Lack of worry and struggle and burden.

The wife struggling in her marriage just wants peace with her husband. The husband struggling to provide wants peace with finances. The addict wants peace from the battle. The sick wants peace in her body. We long for security and an existence without threat.

What is peace to you?

In the Greek it’s the absence of conflict. It’s feeling safe and secure. Even more so, it’s the peace of Christ as Messiah, by whose sacrifice we are offered the free gift of salvation by grace through faith in Him and Him alone, leaving our souls eternally assured and content, even on earth. Really, does anything get any better than that?

Then we feel threatened. Worry rears its ugly head. Fear knocks at the door of our hearts, and that peace seems to be so fragile.

That’s where the word rule comes in! In Greek it means what we think it would: to be in control. The picture is of an umpire.

So think about it. To let peace rule is to let it be the umpire in your heart! As umpire, the peace of God sees everything all players are doing and rules on everything. Whatever the umpire rules is final, no matter who argues what or sees it differently. The umpire has the last word. He directs, decides, controls and rules!

That’s what Paul is saying to let the peace of God do in our hearts. Listen, it’s not going to happen by osmosis. It’s not going to happen to us. We have to let it rule. We have to deny all other influences the right to rule our hearts and let the peace of God umpire the players trying to make a move in our lives!

We have to want the peace of God to rule.

There is no peace in our hearts if the peace of God isn’t ruling. The peace of God can’t rule in our hearts if we don’t have Peace itself: Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Jesus, really know Him, as Savior and Lord (which is very different from knowing about Him), will you take a moment to read The One Way of Salvation?

Oh friend, when the peace of God rules, peace rules.

When Jesus, the Prince of Peace and Peace Himself rules our hearts, here’s what happens.

When fear shows up, peace calls “OUT!”

When worry makes a move, peace calls “FOUL!”

When a threat shows up, peace exacts a penalty on the enemy.

Peace calls us “SAFE!”

With our souls secure in His eternal assurance, this world can do nothing to us. We are now and for eternity safe. That my friend is peace.





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