This might be a page to favorite. You will find all the videos referenced in Practicing SIMPLE Prayer: a Simple Way to Powerfully Pray, as well as additional resources like cheat sheets, instructions for joining the secret Facebook group, and a feedback form with a free gift offer. Come back often, friend! PLEASE NOTE: The original pilot of SIMPLE Prayer was via email, so please disregard any mention of returning to email for your daily devotionals. You will return to your print book or e-book.

Day 1 – The SIMPLE Prayer Backstory
Day 1 – How SIMPLE Prayer Works
Day 1 – The SIMPLE Prayer Binder Reveal
Day 2 – I Want That!
Day 5 – My Prayer Pace
Day 7 – Intentionally Devoted to Prayer
Day 10 – Texting Prayers
Day 12 – Magnify the Lord
Day 14 – My Praise Binder
Day 17 – Praying God’s Will
Day 22 – Give Us THIS Day



Day 27 – Examine and Experience
Day 31 – That’s a Wrap!

Join The Secret Facebook Group

I do hope you will join our secret Facebook community so we can encourage and pray for one another as we embark on this journey! It is a great place to share ideas, questions and ways the Lord is customizing your binder to you!

In order for the group to be secret, there are a few steps required to join:

  1. Friend me on Facebook:
  2. Send me a direct message letting me know you are a SIMPLE Prayer subscriber.
  3. I will send you an invitation to join!

Feedback and FREE Gift

Well, you’re done! You are AWESOME!!! Your feedback on just six questions is invaluable to me, and I have a free gift for your SIMPLE Prayer binder when you complete this quick form. Your gift will be mailed shortly after you hit SUBMIT below!

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